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Conjugación verbo courie oneself - inglés


Auxiliar: have, be

Otras formas: courie/not courie




  • I courie myself
  • you courie yourself
  • he/she/it couries himself/herself/itself
  • we courie ourselves
  • you courie yourselves
  • they courie themselves


  • I couried myself
  • you couried yourself
  • he/she/it couried himself/herself/itself
  • we couried ourselves
  • you couried yourselves
  • they couried themselves

Present continuous

  • I am courying myself
  • you are courying yourself
  • he/she/it is courying himself/herself/itself
  • we are courying ourselves
  • you are courying yourselves
  • they are courying themselves

Present perfect

  • I have couried myself
  • you have couried yourself
  • he/she/it has couried himself/herself/itself
  • we have couried ourselves
  • you have couried yourselves
  • they have couried themselves


  • I will courie myself
  • you will courie yourself
  • he/she/it will courie himself/herself/itself
  • we will courie ourselves
  • you will courie yourselves
  • they will courie themselves

Future perfect

  • I will have couried myself
  • you will have couried yourself
  • he/she/it will have couried himself/herself/itself
  • we will have couried ourselves
  • you will have couried yourselves
  • they will have couried themselves

Past continous

  • I was courying myself
  • you were courying yourself
  • he/she/it was courying himself/herself/itself
  • we were courying ourselves
  • you were courying yourselves
  • they were courying themselves

Past perfect

  • I had couried myself
  • you had couried yourself
  • he/she/it had couried himself/herself/itself
  • we had couried ourselves
  • you had couried yourselves
  • they had couried themselves

Future continuous

  • I will be courying myself
  • you will be courying yourself
  • he/she/it will be courying himself/herself/itself
  • we will be courying ourselves
  • you will be courying yourselves
  • they will be courying themselves

Present perfect continuous

  • I have been courying myself
  • you have been courying yourself
  • he/she/it has been courying himself/herself/itself
  • we have been courying ourselves
  • you have been courying yourselves
  • they have been courying themselves

Past perfect continuous

  • I had been courying myself
  • you had been courying yourself
  • he/she/it had been courying himself/herself/itself
  • we had been courying ourselves
  • you had been courying yourselves
  • they had been courying themselves

Future perfect continuous

  • I will have been courying myself
  • you will have been courying yourself
  • he/she/it will have been courying himself/herself/itself
  • we will have been courying ourselves
  • you will have been courying yourselves
  • they will have been courying themselves



  • courie yourself
  • let's courie ourselves
  • courie yourselves


  • courying myself
  • courying yourself
  • courying himself/herself/itself
  • courying ourselves
  • courying yourselves
  • courying themselves


  • couried myself
  • couried yourself
  • couried himself/herself/itself
  • couried ourselves
  • couried yourselves
  • couried themselves


  • to courie oneself

Perfect participle

  • having couried oneself
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